Personal Information: Basic BSN Application.

You must be admitted as a degree-seeking student to Oakland University for the semester in which you are submitting this secondary nursing application and have a valid student GrizzlyID number. Applicants to the SON may only apply to one BSN track for a given semester.

ALL prerequisite courses must be completed with grades posted prior to the submission of the BSN application. Refer to your Progress to Degree/Degree Works record ( to verify all pre-nursing required courses have been completed and/or that Oakland University has the most recent transfer credit information.

If transfer credit does not appear on the Progress to Degree/Degree Works record due to missing transcripts, please request official transcripts to be sent to Oakland University Registrar's Office before the application deadline.

Applicants should keep a copy of all their SON Competitive Admission application materials. If you were previously admitted to a nursing program and received two grades below B- you may not be eligible for admission into the BSN program. Please contact the SON Academic Advising office for more information at:


Completion of the minimum Competitive Admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the BSN Degree track.

Fall 2020 - Deadline Date: June 1, 2020

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Fall Session 2020

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