Personal Information: Accelerated Second Degree Application.

You must be admitted as a degree-seeking student to Oakland University for the semester in which you are submitting this secondary nursing application and have a valid student GrizzlyID number. Applicants to the SON may only apply to one BSN track for a given semester. If you have previously submitted an application for the Basic BSN track, it will be overwritten by this ASD application.

ALL prerequisite courses must be completed with grades posted prior to the submission of the ASD application. Official transcripts for courses taken at an academic institution outside of Oakland University must be received by the School of Nursing by the application deadline.

Applicants should keep a copy of all their SON Competitive Admission application materials. If you were previously admitted to a nursing program and received two grades below B- you may not be eligible for admission into the BSN program. Please contact the SON Academic Advising office for more information at:


Completion of the minimum Competitive Admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the Accelerated Second Degree track.

Fall 2020 - Deadline Date: March 15, 2020

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Fall Session 2020

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